About This Blog

This blog is about alchemy. Personal alchemy. Spiritual alchemy. Physical Alchemy. I really should  put a lot more into this explanation, but I probably won't. There's only so much you can say about alchemy before you start sounding a little strange. Don't believe me? Check out the quotes section.

I'll just say that for me alchemy is the practice of living in the world fully, of claiming and taking responsibility for having both a physical body and a consciousness. I use it to live well and thrive in the face of chronic, long term depression. If you are depressed, I hope you find stuff here that will help, because there's damn little out in the world that seems to know fuck all about it.

My favorite topics to write about are science (the path of objective knowledge) and the occult (the path of subjective, or hidden knowledge). And no, by "occult" I don't mean woo-woo, scary, evil stuff. I do mean those systems that have been developed over the centuries to aid in the practice of philosophy and the deepening of one's subjective experience of life. So, Tarot, Qabala, poetry, music, art, and most of all, humor.