Thomas Vaughen, Aula Lucis 
This mixture and composition of slimy principles is that mass which we call the first matter.

Paracelsus, Coelum philosophorum
Recipe: Salt nitre, four ounces; a moiety of sulphur; tartar, one ounce. Mix and liquefy.

Thomas Vaughen, Aula Lucis
He has something in him that resembles a commotion.

A. N. Alchemist, Treatise on the Philosopher's Stone
But in the meantime the fire was changed in the mountain and became dense water . What thinkest thou? Should we not warm ourselves at it and keep from us the frost in winter?

Thomas Vaughen, Aula Lucis
In a vaporous heat he opens his belly and discovers an azure heaven he hides a little sun, a most powerful red fire, sparkling like a carbuncle, which is the red gold of the wise men.

Zosimos of Panopolis, Of Virtue, Lessons 1-3 
The metal gives and the plant receives; the stars give and the flowers receive; the sky gives and the earth receives; the thunderclaps give the fire that darts from them.

Queen of Sheba, Aurora consurgens
Turn to me with your whole heart and do not despise me because I am black and dark, for the sun has burned me so, and the black depths have covered my face.

Thomas Vaughen, Aula Lucis 
If this attempt fails, you must pray for it, not that I hold it an easy or a common thing to attain to revelations, for we have none in England.

Alexandre Toussaint de Limojon, Sieur de Saint-Didier, Letter to the True Disciples of Hermes
This stone shines brilliant, contains within it a spirit of sublime origin. It is the Sea of the Wise, wherein they do seek their mysterious fish.

Thomas Vaughen, Aula Lucis
Beware of salts

Paracelsus, Concerning the Death of the Tree of Minerals
And after it has thrust forth the trunk to the earth, this trunk spreads abroad in different branches, the liquid of whose substance - both branches and stalk - is formally neither a water, nor an oil, nor a lute, nor a mucilage.