Tuesday, October 11, 2011

About That Elephant...

Imagine that you had never seen an elephant and didn't have a word for it. Now imagine that you see one and you have to describe it to other people who also have never seen and don't have a word for it. Imagine that you don't have words for "trunk" and "tusk" either. How would these people respond to your description? Some might believe you. Some might think you're crazy.

Now imagine you meet other people describing something they've seen. They call it something else. They use different words to describe the tusks and the trunk, but slowly you realize that they are in fact describing the same thing.

That is the whole divine world. We all go get a glimpse and come back and talk about it with each other, but we don't have the same words. Slowly, tho, if you look at all the spiritiual systems around the world, you can start to see that we are all seeing the same thing. It's just that we are blind and the elephant is really, really big.

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